1990s Songs

My fingerstyle guitar arrangement of "Wildflowers". Written and performed by Tom Petty. This video was shot, edited & uploaded on the 1 year anniversary of Tom Petty's passing. I've also loved this song and it is a consistent joy to perform this arrangement live. The arrangement process was an interesting journey, as I tried keeping the vocal line in the original octave, then tried moving it to different keys. Ultimately, I decided to keep the song in the original key, but move the vocal melody up an octave. I thought that this created a bright timbre which reflected the uplifting feel of the song. I find Tom Petty's music, lyrics & performance on this song to be as perfect as can be....absolutely beautiful, deep, heavy & light at the same time....just amazing. Hopefully, you enjoy this video & arrangement as much as I enjoyed putting it all together. Thank you for the decades of incredible music, Tom. Guitar: Performed on my Cordoba GK Pro Negra guitar. I hope you enjoy and while you're here, feel free to Like, Comment & Subscribe! I will be uploading classical guitar arrangements regularly on this channel. I do all my arrangements by ear, so there are no TABs currently available. Facebook: www.facebook.com/jimperonamusic Twitter: @jperonaguitar IG: @jperonaguitar Website: www.jimperona.com

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